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Goin' to the Chapel...and We're Gonna Get Married

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My sister is getting MARRIED! They have set a date and they are traveling outside of the state to a beautiful destination spot. It will be outdoors, with a backup option to take cover if it begins to rain. We are so excited, we can’t stand it! She is the first of us three sisters to get married. It will be a small wedding, but if I know anything about my sister and her fiance, it will be the party of a lifetime!

But, I can only imagine the amount of stress wedding planning can put on the couple. Not only do you stress about the weather, photographer, band, etc. but all venues require a liquor liability policy when alcohol is being served.

So why not cover your liquor liability responsibilities along with other wedding coverages, JUST IN CASE. We have a market that will currently let you write a wedding package policy, insuring you for the event. It would include cancellation/postponement & additional expenses to prevent cancellation/postponement, photography/video, gifts, attire, special jewelry and lost deposits.

They say your wedding day will be the best day of your life. So if the unexpected happens, why not have coverage to prevent a total loss. The premium is nominal, considering the time and efforts going into the planning.

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