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Blame It On The Claims

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The Topic

Comprehensive claims. I have touched on this point before but, as I see it come up time after time, I feel it is important to recap.


Comp claims are glass, theft, tow, vandalism, fire, falling objects, damage done by an animal, or civil disturbance.

The Trouble

to figure out which losses are worth reporting. Depending on your deductible, often times a glass or theft claim may not pay much over your deductible. If that is the case, it may be in your best interest to self-insure for smaller losses. You may save more on your annual premium without the hit than you would save on the small claim payout.

The Take-Away

every claim reported, no matter how much was paid out, if any, will be a hit against you. It will show up as a loss for 3 years.

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