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Life: Not the Board Game


Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m 26. Big things are happening at this age: career starts, marriage, home buying… you know, all the “grown- up” life changes. Most people at my age think we are too young to get life insurance. I’m not married with children, so I don’t have anyone at this point that is depending on me. So why buy life insurance now? Well, there are several reasons but two in particular that I want to address.

1. At my age, the premium will be cheaper. In order to be eligible for affordable life insurance, a medical exam is often required. Right now, I am healthy with no preexisting illnesses. Certain term, whole and universal life policies allow policy changes and/or renewals to take place without having to administer another exam. To me, that is reason in itself to buy life insurance sooner rather than later. Even in perfect health, the older I am, the more expensive the premium. So, why wait?

2. It’s great to have life insurance but, more importantly, do you have enough? I come across clients all the time that tell me their work supplies them with life insurance, usually a 10,000 policy. That would be sufficient to cover burial costs; that, I cannot deny. But what about the mortgage, car notes, kid’s college funds? The list goes on… These are all things to consider when purchasing life insurance.

No one ever said on his deathbed, “I wish I spent more time at the office.” But they may have said, “I wish I spent more time at my life insurance agent’s office.”

The state requires that we carry auto insurance, in some areas flood insurance, mortgage companies require homeowners, and more and more apartments are requiring renters insurance. Why not insure our LIFE? Just think, this is the one guaranteed insurance policy that will definitely pay a claim.

Call your agent today. Why? Because life insurance is cheap and it is important to plan ahead and take care of your loved ones. Be smart. Don’t wait.

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